Swamiji continues to share with the world the knowledge and wisdom received by him through the many siddha yogis during his divine visions.

1 . Tantrika Prapancham (Tantrik Universe) was written to dispel the many myths about Tantra.

2 . Naga Sadhana, Bhairava Sadhana, Pratyangira Sadhana, Sree Lalita Devi Charitra are books detailing the worship of these deities.

3 . Kurtala Yogulu (Yogis of Courtallam) details Swamiji’s association over many lives with Sri Mouna Swami of Courtallam and its many great sages.

4 . Vraja Bhagavatam, Brindavana Bhagavatam and Brindavana Yogulu (Yogis of Brindavan) are books filled with many interesting details of the holy place Brindavan and worship of Radha.

5 . Himalaya Yogulato Mouna Swami describes the association of Sri Mouna Swami with the yogis of Himalayas.

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