Dharama Rakshana Yagnas

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Our ancient culture of Veda dharma and generations of rishis have provided knowledge to this world for the protection of Sanatana Hindu dharma. Now, Hindu dharma is constantly under threat. Seeing this, Pooja Swamiji started Hindu Dharma Rakshana Yagnas to protect sanathana Hindu Dharma in India and abroad.

Millions of people are participating in these Maha Yagnams. It is visualized that deities are coming and bestowing the results.

Small Size Dharma Rakshana Yagna $ 1116
Medium Size Dharma Rakshana Yagna $ 2500
Large Size Dharma Rakshana Yagna $ 5000

For additional information, please contact the area coordinator or national coordinator

No amount small or large, all donations are welcome for sponsoring these noble cause.

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